Intentional Property Purchasing Collective

As a subsidiary of the Intentional Talk Radio Network, IPPC was developed to assist like minded people in purchasing undeveloped property away from the major metro areas.  The property is sometimes fairly remote, sometimes near a small town or city.  The property is extremely inexpensive because there are no utilities and some times the roads may be unpaved.  The thing to be very aware of is that these properties are not meant for instant gratification.  There is no expectation that this property will  be worth a lot more in just a few years.  These properties are for long term investments.  There are usually no restrictions so the property can immediately be used for camping, hunting, and other outdoor activities.   The IPPC wants to put like minded people together to purchase property in volumes that make it even more affordable.  This also makes it easy for a group of people to pool their resources for  purchases of the kind of land they could hardly have dreamed of.  If there is a 40 acre parcel being sold for $20,000, that equates to  $500 per acre.  If you used owner financing for 5 years on  the $20,000, the monthly payments would be around $333.00 per month.  With 10 people going in as a group, each person would be the owner of  2 acres for around #33.00 per month.  These are just numbers for illustration purposes.  There are properties more expensive and less expensive than this example.  If this concept is of interest to you, please go to the CONTACT page and fill out the information so we can contact you.  Put the word PROPERTY in the subject line so we can get back to you quickly.

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